Please take note of changes to the timetable as they may affect you. If you have fewer classes on a Saturday now, please be aware that extra classes are available during the week. All changes have been necessary for the smooth running of the school.


It is essential for students to only attend lessons that are suitable for their age and ability (ages indicated on timetable). This is not only for the good of the school but primarily for the benefit of all students, as this is the only way students will receive appropriate training in dance but I must reserve the right to place my senior key dancers in any lessons that I feel would be beneficial to the younger students in the class.




All students are expected to come to all their classes uniformed and smart.  While it is appreciated that new students may not have the regulation uniform to start with it is an integral part of the school and I must encourage everyone to be in uniform as soon as possible for them. It is also essential that students wear their hair in a bun or a French plait and secured under (no loose plaits please) for all classes (unless hair is very, very short) as this is the only way I can teach them proper technique without the distraction of loose hair.

No Jewellery



We do accept payment on the day of each lesson; in this case please pay at the start of your first lesson. We are happy to operate this pay on the day system, this is partly due to the odd times when the hall may become unavailable or we have to end early, this is why we can not run on a termly payment basis. Although we do run a pay on the day system this must come with commitment to attend classes regularly.

New Term Notes 2018

Forthcoming Shows...

To be announced.


We do appreciate that dancing is a fun activity but it must come with some commitment. KATS is performance based so If students do not attend as regularly as possible not only do they fall technically behind the other students, their performances suffers in shows etc, through lack of polish. This is not fair on them as they may then suffer with stress and panic by not having appropriate preparation time in class. Although we do try to combat this with extra rehearsals, this really does not solve the problem. Also the other issue is for some time now we have had a waiting list on many of the classes, so if a student does not attend regularly we can not guarantee that their place will be available when they return.


Please let me know if at anytime illness or family commitments will affect your attendance.



Keeping records current

Could all new students and currents students with any changes to their details (address etc) please fill in registration form enclosed and hand in on first day attended.  


Any questions or quires please do not hesitate to contact me on

07743 494899.  I look forward to seeing you all in the new term.


Many Thanks


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